Join us on an unforgettable Mungo journey with our local Aboriginal guide

We do much more than show you around…you’ll receive the full cultural experience!

Mungo National Park
Day Tours

April through to October Cooler time of the year

Learn the history of the aboriginal people and their connection in the evolution chain. Climate change and its effects on Mungo are explained with pictures in the sand. Up to date knowledge of significant sites of the area.

Tours are ideal for all ages and are both educational and entertaining…more >

Mungo National Park
Sunset Tours

November through to March Warmer time of the year

With temperatures reaching quite high at this time of the year join us on a tour as the day is cooling down.

See the setting sun across the lake and watch the changing colours of the walls. As the night turns dark see a sky with a billion starsmore >

For singles passengers prior to booking online could you please check with our office if we have others for the day as we are subject to a minimum of 2 passengers thank you


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